Crystal at Roadsec 2023

Hey guys! Hope all is well out there! I would like to share that recently (on July 15th) I participated in a face-to-face event in São Paulo (Brazil) in which I was able to get to know different communities and interact in an incredible way with other content producers and technology professionals in general.

The event is called Roadsec and is recognized for having a huge range of content focused on the security area in software development. Participating in the event along with people from the college I study with, I was able to enjoy an incredible experience, seeing the affection that Brazilian communities are already showing towards Crystal.

Soon I will participate in some more events, so stay tuned on my social networks and publications here on the forum! I will be sharing my participations and diverse experiences!

Below I will leave some links to publications on social networks and additional photos! Thank you very much!

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