Big Announcement Crystalists (Crystal Conference 2023)

Crystal Conference 2023 is in the making. For this year we are planning on hosting the Conference at an organiser friendly location, and have multiple simultaneous meet-ups at varied popular locations around the globe based on community turn up. The idea around the meet-ups is for the community members to get together for a learning session on Crystal and also enjoy the conference recordings together, as we understand it might not be possible for all members to travel to the Conference location physically.
The proposed date of the conference would be 15th September 2023. We would like to learn from our amazing community their preferred choice of location for the conference and the meet-ups from the shortlisted bunch of locations that we are presenting. Please choose those locations that you actually plan to attend.

The form will be collecting responses by end of next week Friday so hop on soon and register your preference. We note that the information provided will help us plan, but it’s not necessarily binding.


To clarify, will Crystal Conference 2023 support hybrid attendence (i.e. in-person or remote) or only in-person attendence?


Chicago?! Is that some weird compromise as “middle America between the two coasts”?

If it must be Chicago, I’d prefer the week before, so I could play in a chess tournament in Evanston, and attend Minnesota Lynx at Chicago Sky on the 9th.

Hi Frisco,

Thanks for reaching out. We will be using the results from the poll to analyse the popular locations for the Conference and the meetups however along with the community turn up, we would also want to ensure good amount of organiser support which we are able to find in most of the locations we have shortlisted and presented to the community to choose from. We are hoping to get a strategic direction for the Conference and the meetups from the community poll :sunglasses:
Hope you have made your submission too :slight_smile:

Hi Ben,

Thanks for reaching out. We are looking to make this a hybrid Conference. Currently we are running a community poll to identify popular locations for the Conference and the meetups we intend to host. The analysis from this poll will give us a strategic direction for the locations, of course, we are inclined towards locations from where we can get quality organiser support along with good community turnup. Please do not forget to register your vote!

It may be due to some existing Crystal community in Chicago, related to Chicago Crystal, though I don’t know how active that community is at this point. @wontruefree, can you speak to this?

Hello Crystalists,

Hope you are all charged up with the Conference 2023 and Meetup announcement. We have been receiving great response on the Airtable form and as of now from the peek of the responses received, it looks like a mixed choice of location preferences.

Please note that the form will stop collecting responses end of business day Friday, 19th May 2023 Eastern Standard Time.The results from the poll will aid the conference and meetup planning to give it an informed direction so please do not miss the opportunity of voting for your preferred location (one that you intend to attend). Here is the link to submit the response, Choice of Conference/Meetup locations.

I’m sure the community is eager for the poll results, I certainly am! :slight_smile:

Happy Contributing!

A few more hours to begin the weekend and so is the amount of time left to register your preference for the location where the next Crystal Conference or a Crystal meetup will be hosted :sunglasses:

Go ahead and vote if you haven’t already,

Hello Crystalists,

We are excited to announce the results of the community poll for the Conference and Meetup locations. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for their location preferences, here are the final numbers.

Locations Conference count Meetup count
Istanbul 37 36
Chicago 14 14
Berlin 14 11
London 13 13
Frankfurt 9 7
Buenos Aires 8 6
Paris 7 7

Kudos to all the members who were able to register their preference to the top :star_struck:. Kindly note that this analysis certainly will help us plan but it’s not necessarily binding. Watch out for this space for more news on the Conference and the meet-ups.

Happy contributing! :slightly_smiling_face:


Crystal Conference 2023 Update

This is to keep everyone informed that the previously announced date, 15th Sept 2023 for the Crystal Conference has been deferred until further announcements.

We are still contemplating details and as soon as we have a confirmed date and venue for the Conference, the community will be notified along with details to register for the event. Please watch out for this space for further updates.

Stay tuned Crystalists!