Crystal conference in December?

Hi folks,

I’m considering whether I should organise and run a Crystal user conference before the end of the year.

Here’s what I’m thinking


  • fully remote, but 100% live
  • 100% free, but possibly sponsored
  • one day, single track (total run time ~5 hours)


  • Friday, 11 December looks like a decent date to run this.
  • target timezone: PDT and CET friendly


  • one keynote
  • 5 relatively short talks (~25 minutes)
  • one panel discussion

Questions for you

  • how are you feeling about this?
  • would you be interested in attending?
  • would you be interested in speaking at the conference?
  • could you help me spread the word?

I think it’s an amazing idea. Of course I would attend!

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I’d be down!

Count me in!

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sounds good

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Sounds wonderful. I’m in.

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Same here

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This sounds great I would be in.

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Well great, thanks for the feedback, then let’s do this!

Step 1: Talk submission.

You can submit your talk proposal here. I’ve included some FAQ. Please, spread the word!

Once I get a few submissions I’ll open the registration for the attendees. Meanwhile, I’ll put together a landing page for the event :rocket:


I suggest a lightning talks session.