Paris Crystal October

Hello and Bonjour ! :)

I’m organising Paris Crystal, a meetup around Crystal.

We are looking for speaker for the 29 October.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Talks are in french and english.

Meetup :

Thanks !

edit : Correct link (thanks @j8r)
edit : Correct date (thanks @j8r)


That’s an old link @alex-lairan, the correct one is:

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Would it be possible to record the talks and put them on youtube or so?

@alex-lairan Also the correct date is October 22th, as per your comment in the meetup site :wink:

Ah ah double failure !

Thanks !

I hope too :slight_smile:

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The meetup has been moved again to the 29th of October @alex-lairan can you update the date in your post?