Crystal4noobs: the Brazilian GitHub repository for beginners with Crystal!

Firstly, introducing myself: my name is João, nicknamed Guto, I got to know the Crystal language about a year and a half ago and since then I’ve been interested in producing content related to the language itself and everything it has to offer.

With the He4rt Developers community, I had the pleasure of producing an introductory guide to the Crystal language entirely in Portuguese, expanding its scope to the Brazilian territory in which the community expands, in addition to, of course, all countries that have Portuguese as one of the official languages.

Below I will leave the official link of the repository and the tweet in which I made the announcement on Twitter about the publication.

Let’s grow the Crystal community! :black_heart: :handshake: :purple_heart:


GitHub: GitHub - lanjoni/crystal4noobs: Tutorial para iniciantes em Crystal! 💎


Hi Guto,

Hope you’re doing well and keeping healthy!

I was scrolling through a few earlier conversations in the forum today with the idea of introducing a local influencer format for Crystal and stumbled upon your post which sounded very relatable to what I want to
achieve and I am sure you would replicate with my thoughts.

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to produce the introductory guide in Portuguese expanding the scope of the language to the Brazilian community, this shows your passion for the language and your heart to give back to the developer community which is commendable. Crystal is looking for passionate individuals like yourself who will be our local influencers and will successfully promote Crystal language to their regional communities/circles/groups with our support (of course).

Crystal is currently a global community and having passionate influencers leading local Crystal communities would help add to the visibility of the product on a large scale, this is definitely one of my focus areas as the Community Manager for Crystal. Let me know if you would be interested to become a community influencer for your region (Brazil) and be one of the pioneers for this group.
I look forward to hearing from you.


Sounds like we could use a Crystal Book/Tutorial which is configured with i18n localization; then contributors could help by translating this or that language file to another to help us reach a larger audience. :slight_smile:

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Hi Daniel,

That sounds like a plan and I believe having local influencers can help us formulating this plan into better action. The regional influencers would be adding their expertise as a community influencer in local language and that would help create a good connect with the regional masses. As for the Crystal Book/Tutorial, I am currently working on curating a Crystal repository (in terms of documents, webinars, videos, learning materials, community best practices, etc ) which will be part of the package an influencer receives when they join the program post which they can use community reachout protocols best suited for their community.

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Hello Mekhla, hope all is well.

First I would like to answer that it is a pleasure to have this type of contact, in which I am very grateful for all the attention and support that the entire community has provided me. Crystal has been a language that I have loved studying, developing several projects and having in mind several activities to provide a greater contact of the Brazilian public with the language. I would like to declare that I am very interested in becoming a Brazilian influencer for the language, which is an honor for me. I hope we can talk better about it, and I’ll leave my contacts below so we can have a better conversation. Thank you very much in advance! Have a great week! I’m into this new adventure! :black_heart:

Twitter: @gutolanjoni
Telegram: @gutolanjoni


Hi Guto,

Super excited to receive a positive response from you, can totally ideate with your thoughts and energy. As discussed over twitter, please watch out for a Google Meet invite from me to talk about the influencer program and embark this journey together😊.