Crystal4noobs: the Brazilian GitHub repository for beginners with Crystal!

Firstly, introducing myself: my name is João, nicknamed Guto, I got to know the Crystal language about a year and a half ago and since then I’ve been interested in producing content related to the language itself and everything it has to offer.

With the He4rt Developers community, I had the pleasure of producing an introductory guide to the Crystal language entirely in Portuguese, expanding its scope to the Brazilian territory in which the community expands, in addition to, of course, all countries that have Portuguese as one of the official languages.

Below I will leave the official link of the repository and the tweet in which I made the announcement on Twitter about the publication.

Let’s grow the Crystal community! :black_heart: :handshake: :purple_heart:


GitHub: GitHub - lanjoni/crystal4noobs: Tutorial para iniciantes em Crystal! 💎