Your chance to become a Crystal Influencer

Are you passionate about Crystal and want to elevate your interest in the language to take it to the local masses? Well, here is your chance. The Crystal team is looking for passionate individuals who will be our local influencers and will successfully promote the language to their regional communities/circles/groups, with communicational and technical support from the team.The influencer program is not just limited to taking Crystal to regional masses but also to local/remote groups that you might be contributing to actively.

Please use the following form to register your interests

Based on your responses, we will reach out to you to confirm your enrolment into the program to begin this journey with us. Looking forward to your amazing responses!


Put in my application. Good to see you working hard on getting Crystal out there!


Thanks Chris for all the participation, it sure is a team effort and its going to be a lot of fun working together. You will hear from me very soon on the proceedings of the program. :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha, even though I’m not an official influencer, I’d love to behave like one for Crystal in the online world. However, I must say that I don’t really have such a influence.

I am not famous, but I filled up the application, if I can help

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We listen! The Crystal Influencer Program is being renamed to Crystal Ambassador Program by popular demand! We replicate with the thoughts of the community that the right intent for this position can be better referenced by the word “Crystal Ambassador”. Thanks to the community we have been receiving some amazing responses, if you want to spread the word about Crystal in your regions/communities/groups please fill the Crystal Ambassador interest form today. We are equally eager to launch the program officially as our community is! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Zohran, appreciate you filling up the response and excited to see your enthusiasm to spread the word on Crystal :slightly_smiling_face:.You will hear from me very soon!

@kojix2 The Crystal Ambassador Program is open to expanding Crystal language across geographies, user communities as well as local and remote groups, hence if you have the right intention and align with the vision please do express your interest today :slight_smile:

I don’t know what ambassadors will do, but I know one guy with an unusual background who might make a much better ambassador than I do. He was doing environmental research in the forests of an island Okinawa, and his hobby was competitive programming on the mountain. And just recently, he changed jobs to become a programmer.

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Dear Crystalists,

This is the final call for interested candidates to have your name included in the first league of Crystal Ambassadors and get started with the Ambassador Connect Program. If you understand Crystal and can help us expand the language across more developers around the world , do submit your response for the Ambassador interest today, Crystal Ambassador Interest Form
We will surely make the connect with you soon to take this forward! Happy Contributing!


I know I’m a bit late but wondering if you could share more about responsibilities and expectations for ambassador?

Is it too late to apply?

Hi @cloutiy

Thanks for taking interest in the Ambassador program. “A Crystal ambassador is a passionate individual who is looking to elevate his/her interest in the language to take it to the local masses. The ambassadors will act as brand ambassadors to Crystal and will be responsible to represent and promote Crystal within their regional/local/user communities. Since the ambassadors would be the face of Crystal, we want to make sure that we have a good understanding of the individuals wanting to take up this role hence the selection process is subject to screening by the Crystal team”.

The position requires someone having good amount of exposure to Crystal and other GitHub projects as they would be required to represent Crystal in their local communities and also act as ambassadors to the Crystal brand as mentioned above.This is a pioneer program for Crystal and the form to collect interest is still open, if you’re up for it please register your interest by submitting a response and based on your responses, we will revert to you.

I think I’m a good match for this plan, although, i missing this thread.

Do you still consider accept the form? if, still no candidates come from China?

Hi Billy,

Thanks for reaching out. Hope you’re doing good!

I recently announced the pilot batch for the Crystal Ambassador Program and will be making ambassador interest introductions to the community in the following weeks ,however I would like you to know that the Ambassador program is going to be a continuous effort hence please do submit your interest here, Crystal Ambassador Interest Form and based on the responses, we will take the portfolio up for further proceedings.

Kindly note since the pilot batch is out already, it might take slightly longer for me to reach out to you however I certainly will. :slight_smile:

Happy Crystalising!