Ambassador introductions

Hello Crystalists,

Following the ambassador introductions, here are the details of a few more of our amazing Crystal ambassadors who are part of our pilot league.

João Augusto Lanjoni (referred to as Guto) is a Brazilian, IT Technician who works as a Software Engineer at Nimble. Guto is an open-source enthusiast and carries huge passion for Crystal language. He is a member of the He4rt Developers community ( in which he has built an introductory guide to Crystal in Portuguese, creating visibility for the language in Brazil and in the community. His focus is to be able to introduce and evangelise maximum global content about Crystal.

David Yoteau hails from France near Nantes and has been using crystal for a few years. He has contributed to a few libraries around quality. He has joined the ambassador program to continue to make Crystal known and to advocate that it is a tool to add to your belt.

Andrea Manzini lives and works in Verona, Italy as a software engineer. He is a Linux enthusiast, advocates open source philosophy and knowledge sharing. Andrea likes the language and would want to contribute to increase its visibility.

Please join us in welcoming these ambassadors, and make sure to follow them if you want to learn what they have to say about the language.

Happy Crystallising! :sunglasses: