Adding to the Ambassador introduction series

Hello Crystalists,

Hope all are doing great and keeping healthy!

Its time to get to know a few more of our amazing Crystal ambassadors joining the pilot league.

Michael Wagner is a full-stack software engineer, working as a consultant in Charlotte, NC. He has a technical background in Ruby on Rails while working in the FinTech industry. He also contributes to various open source projects. Michael discovered Crystal a few years ago from a coworker running benchmarks on different programming languages, and immediately fell in love with its speed and efficiency, while looking similar to Ruby. He has been an advocate of Crystal since then, and so becoming a Crystal Ambassador was the next logical step. In his spare time, he plays golf, board games, video games, and read.

Mugirase Emmanuel comes from Rwanda and has been working in the software engineering industry since 2017. Throughout his career, he has gained extensive experience in various programming languages and technologies, including: JavaScript/Node.js/TypeScript, Ruby, Crystal,Java, Scala, Go and C/C++. Emmanuel is a true Crystal enthusiast and as an ambassador, his goal is to contribute to the growth and success of the Crystal community. Outside of work, he finds great joy in exploring the world of SCIFI movies and staying informed about the latest developments in health and financial news.

Abdullah Alhusaini is a programmer and contributor to the Amber framework. He loves exploring dark corners of computer science and bringing their secrets into the light. He was also working on a legal search engine for KSA legal documents - There was no way to search legal documents before this project was started.

Please join us in welcoming these ambassadors, and make sure to follow them if you want to learn what they have to say about the language.

Happy Crystallising! :sunglasses: