Last few of our ambassador introductions!

Hello Crystalists,

Hope you had a great weekend!

We have started commencing towards the end of our ambassador introduction series. Here are the last few of our amazing ambassadors from the pilot batch of the Crystal Ambassador program.

Aleksander Kwiatkowski lives in Poznań, Poland and is a Ruby developer since 2009. He learnt about Crystal at Polyconf conference and developed a liking for it after playing with the language himself. The beauty of syntax and speed of compiled language makes Crystal the default language for most of his open source activity. Aleksander is very eager to present and encourage companies to give Crystal a try for higher performance experience. Outside of professional programming he spends his free time cycling and taking photos, and Crystal helps him with that too!

Kefah Issa is a hardcore software engineer, leader and free/open source advocate. He delivers value by helping to hire top talent, establishing development and operational processes, setting up infrastructure and electing best performing and most cost effective technologies. He has worked across several industries where he successfully delivered many solutions; leveraging free/open source software to realise its cost effectiveness. Kefah is a native Arabic speaker and is fond of Arabic literature and poetry, he is also interested in politics and human rights.

Alexander Adam is from Central Switzerland and works as a freelancer. His focus is usually over full-stack development that involves Ruby/Rails related things and he also has a strong inclination for Crystal Language. He has joined the Ambassador program to observe its journey and in the process trying to convince people to use Crystal Language for their next project.

Please join us in welcoming these ambassadors, and make sure to follow them if you want to learn what they have to say about the language.

Happy Crystallising! :sunglasses: