A fresh batch of Ambassador introductions

Hello Crystalists,

Hope you’re having a great week!

Joining our pilot league of ambassadors, please find below the introductions to a fresh batch, hope you enjoy knowing and reading about them!

Antonio Di Fluri is a software engineer from Milan, Italy. He fell in love with Ruby and its framework Rails in 2006 (framework of the year) and his passion for ruby has always accompanied him inspite of using mainstream languages like java and javascript/typescript. Antonio discovered Crystal language at its 0.3x version and immediately appreciated the few differences with ruby (macro, c bindings and the type safe nature). He wants to be part of the Ambassador program to contribute to Crystal’s visibility into the programming space.

Zohran Londais is from Normandy, France. Passionate about computing, he is an open-source enthusiast and an avid Linux systems user. Crystal for him is the language of his dreams: Ruby syntax + performance of low level language, so he decided to rewrite his main project in Crystal completely.
His project ISM (Ingenius System Manager) GitHub - Fulgurance/ISM: Ingenius System Manager is a tool designed to build a full Linux system from scratch, freshly compiled which calculates all dependencies and maintains the generated system.

Luis Lavena wanted to be an architect when he was a kid, but ended building software. While he dabbled with many programming languages over the years, Crystal has been his primary choice since he discovered it back in 2015. Pragmatism and simplicity are his guidance when looking at complex problems and his contributions to open source. He joins the Crystal Ambassador program from Paris, France and looks forward to share his experience and encourage people to discover Crystal.

Please join us in welcoming these amazing individuals as Crystal ambassadors, and make sure to follow them if you want to learn what they have to say about the language.

Happy Crystallising! :sunglasses: