Introducing our first set of Crystal Ambassadors :)

Hello Crystalists,

Hope all are doing great and feeling healthy!

We are delighted to introduce our first three ambassadors making the cut from our list of 19 Crystal ambassadors forming the pilot batch for the program. We believe all the following members carry great passion for Crystal and have just the right edge to take on the responsibility of expanding Crystal to the masses.

Seth Tucker hails from Northeastern US and is originally a Ruby & Rails developer. He was drawn to Crystal several years ago through an article on Ruby Weekly and, after some playing around, he was very impressed with the syntax and how robust and within reach the standard library felt. That’s how he was HOOKED!

Michel Martens loves creating minimalist software tools. He was born in Peru, raised in Argentina, and lives in Paris, France. Crystal has been his programming language of choice for many years now and he is convinced it deserves more recognition, so he joined the Crystal Ambassador Program. He wants to share his experience with others and encourage companies and developers to give Crystal a try.

Carl Harrison, known in the community as “meatball”, lives in Sweden and is a full-time student. He is the Crystal maintainer on Exercism, which is a free learning platform that offers various exercises to learn programming. Outside of Crystal he also programs in Python, Ruby, Elixir, Js, Ts, and Swift.When not programming, he likes to do various 3d art and 3d printing as well as play video games.

Please join us in welcoming these ambassadors, and make sure to follow them if you want to learn what they have to say about the language.

Happy Crystallising!