Crystal on windows - require not working

Not sure why require is not working on windows. I downloaded crystal_lib and tried to build it.

f:\programming\source\repos\git\crystal_lib>crystal build --error-trace --release --debug --verbose src\
Error: while requiring “./crystal_lib” is in the same directory as

f:\programming\source\repos\git\crystal_lib>crystal env
CRYSTAL_CACHE_DIR=“C:\Users\Dominic E Sisneros\AppData\Local\crystal\cache”

This means there is an error within ./crystal_lib. But for some reason the compiler doesn’t report the error message, only that it happened while requiring ./crystal_lib.
I have seen this before on Windows, but I think I also saw it on linux once. Not sure what’s causing this. Haven’t been able to isolate it.

The underlying error here is from lib_clang:

Error executing process: '[ -n \"$LLVM_CONFIG\" ] && command -v \"$LLVM_CONFIG\" || command -v 
llvm-config-8 || command -v llvm-config-7 || command -v llvm-config-6.0 || command -v llvm-config60 || 
command -v llvm-config-5.0 || command -v llvm-config50 || command -v llvm-config-4.0 || command -v 
llvm-config40 || command -v llvm-config\r\n                  ': Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht 
finden. (File::NotFoundError)

Looks like theclang bindings are not ported to windows.

Should I add an issue to Crystal for this?

Continued in Incomplete message for compiler errors on Windows · Issue #12874 · crystal-lang/crystal · GitHub