search jwt could not found

I want to add a jwt shards to my first kemal app.

so, i search jwt in

i get 12 results, i don’t know which one i should to use.

so, i check lucky, it use GitHub - crystal-community/jwt: JWT implementation in Crystal, but, the previous search result
even don’t include this, should we in include all matchs result, right?

It will give you all the matches it knows about. There’s no single authoritative source for Crystal shards, though, because they’re completely decentralized. That makes it impossible to index every shard in existence. You can only index what you can find.

You can also use GitHub search for language:crystal and add your search terms to discover Crystal shards. For example, searching for jwt language:crystal returns that shard as the top result.

There’s also (by @straight-shoota). It’s less complete, but it’s human-curated, so shards listed there are more likely to be stable.

Yes, i consider the issue is, the most well known jwt shards (which used by lucky, and list on jwt offical site JSON Web Token Libraries - could not find on, that should be consider as a issue anyway.

CrystalShards not showing results from the Crystal Community organisation does feel like a bug.

@zw963 CrystalShards is on GitHub so you could open an issue or look into creating a PR that fixes it.

You can also use This service provides an uncurated view of all repositories on GitHub and GitLab that have Crystal code in them.

See Search for 'jwt'

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