CrystalVips - Crystal bindings for the libvips image processing library

CrystalVips Provides Crystal language interface to the libvips image processing library. Programs that use CrystalVips don’t manipulate images directly, instead they create pipelines of image processing operations starting from a source image. When the pipe is connected to a destination, the whole pipeline executes at once and in parallel, streaming the image from source to destination in a set of small fragments.

Because CrystalVips is parallel, its’ quick, and because it doesn’t need to keep entire images in memory, its light.


Wow! Congratulations on this one!

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This is a fantastic contribution to the community, thank you! Folks drop by the chat frequently looking for imagemagick or graphicsmagick bindings, it’ll be nice to be able to point them here.


Exactly. Since libvips uses far less memory and is a lot faster than anything else, even more when comparing with imagemagick and graphicsmagick, there is no reason to not use CrystalVips to process images on Crystal.