Delete my account please

Somebody please get this done for me!!

Do you see an option to do it within Otherwise will probably need a forum admin to do it.

Interesting question. I could not find the button to delete account.
Thats something that should exist in 2023.

Mine, too, please

I just changed a couple of values that should do the trick. Can you help us check if you have the option to delete your account now in preferences? Thanks in advance.

I would expect the option on Account/security or profile, and I can’t find the button to delete/disable your account.

If it’s there I can’t find it.

@anon69898395 @anon93446483 I will anonymize your accounts in a week from now, so the posts (like this one!) will stay live, but without your information. Let me know if that’s not enough for you, and I proceed with the destructive deletion :bomb: .

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Yeah, that’s fine with me. Thanks

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