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Forum Username Changes

I’m currently changing my username/handle on most of my online presence, and I can’t find a way to change my forum username. If that’s possible to provide, I’d appreciate it.

You should have a little pencil next to it on

This is what I’m seeing:

Mmh, okay maybe it’s only there for me :D I can change it for you if you want, you just need to tell what to :)

Sure. I’ll PM you (since this is no longer publicly relevant). Thank you for your help. :)

The one thing holding me back from a global username change is Github. it just sounds messy.

Why so? Github keeps redirects from your old username.

@ tags won’t update or work though. And someone could reuse your old name. It’s probably not as big of a deal as I have it in my mind, but it just feels like a loose end.