Do i need to learn ruby first?

Hi guys, i have a quick inquiry: I’ve never used Ruby before. Would it be advisable for me to learn Ruby first before delving into Crystal? If it so, could you explain why it’s necessary?

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I didn’t learn Ruby until after I found Crystal, and I found the experience to be perfectly fine. So no, I don’t think you need to learn Ruby first.



Once you find a hidden language like Crystal and become interested in it, you are qualified to use it.
Programming beginners usually do not encounter the Crystal language. It takes active awareness to find it.
And Crystal has found you.


There are pros and cons. The main pro of learning Ruby first is that you’ll be more familiar with the syntax and some of the APIs. The main con I found, as someone with a lot of Ruby experience, is that the areas where it doesn’t follow Ruby may actually add confusion.

Despite its roots, Crystal is very much its own programming language. You can learn it without learning Ruby.

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