Emacs-crystal-mode maintain is not active, And, Why people leave Crystal and select other language in recent years. (possible before release 1.0)?

Don’t know crystal-lang-tools if is a official crystal organization, and the maintainer if official, but, maybe because user is too few, this repo is not active, the last commit is half year ago, maintainer is busy.

Some indentation issue is really annoy me, but i am not capable to fix it. :joy: maybe spent many time, i can fix it, but, no time for now, though use emacs 10 years, but, i’m not good at emacs lisp.

I create a Help Request to Dmitry Gutov, @dgutov, the emacs official ruby-mode maintainer, famous OS
contributer, e.g. company-mode, and many
many of others emacs package, i use daily, but maybe he no time too. :joy: i guess he use Elixir-lang.

One more Question, bothering me since i choose Crystal, one half month ago, why people leave Crystal (A so wonderful and i guess unique language) and select other language in recent years, possible before release 1.0?

Fundamentally, you can’t just assume someone will spring up and be a maintainer for whatever project you need. In this particular case, while you are correct in that the project is not very active, contributions do get merged if they are well done. Instead of wanting someone else to fix the things you want fixed, it is much better if you yourself step up and look into fixing things. You say you are not capable of fixing it, but have you actually tried? People are not born proficient in emacs-lisp, but rather people get proficient by spending time fixing stuff. I’d suggest you start with some small fix, and get an understanding of the basic ins and outs of it.


Yes, you are right, but my situation is same as you, we are no time, i guess you will try to fix it if have a lot of free time, right?

if have little free time, i am possible expected to spend on write code use Crystal-lang, because i am still not familiar enough, not emacs editor + elisp, i just is a normal person with limit energy, write code use crystal even not is my job, i have to code it in weekend.