Find a document error when read 1.4.1 guides, where should i to create issue or PR for fix this?

One more question, current version is 1.4.1, if crystal still only support concurrent on a single thread?

In fact, i do some research on Crystal fiber, it behavior almost same as go, so, i doubt this document never updated for years … and the fiber behavior in this document same as ruby fiber, not go.

Thank you.

You’d want to file this under GitHub - crystal-lang/crystal-book: Crystal docs at

Crystal is still single threaded by default yes. Parallelism is supported, but is currently considered experimental. Checkout Parallelism in Crystal - The Crystal Programming Language for more information.

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Okay, i will create a PR to try fix this. if my english is not so bad for write document … :joy:

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I create a issue with PR there.

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