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Get last available version for Linux software

Hello, it’s not completely a question about crystal, but it’s for my crystal project. I would like to check the last official version of some softwares. Is it possible to get this information by some website like repology or others you know ? How can I do that ?

Either screen scrape or maybe check their homebrew recipes? :)

Scraping things yeah, Homebrew usually has a timely update, so does Archlinux/the AUR. Another interesting option could be scraping the “new version available” action item from bash - Debian Package Tracker

Brew actually has a JSON API, so could just rely on that. Wouldn’t be a source of truth compared to the official website/repo of each project, but should be fairly up to date. Also keep in mind there’s a difference between latest version and latest installable version. E.g. Arch tends to have more up to date software than Debian.

API doc: JSON API Documentation — Homebrew Formulae