How to get the width of the terminal?

Hi everyone!
What’s the easiest way to get the width of the terminal in Crystal ?

I didn’t have any luck finding any shards that would handle this either.

Thanks in advance!

My libremiliacr library has that. But it might be easier just to copy-paste this snippit somewhere.

lib LibC
    # Bare minimum for the ioctl stuff we need

    TIOCGWINSZ = 0x5413u32

    struct Winsize
      ws_row    : UInt16
      ws_col    : UInt16
      ws_xpixel : UInt16
      ws_ypixel : UInt16

    fun ioctl(fd : LibC::Int, what : LibC::ULong, ...) : LibC::Int

# Gets the width and height of the terminal.
def getWinSize : Tuple(UInt16, UInt16)
  thing =
  LibC.ioctl(STDOUT.fd, LibC::TIOCGWINSZ, pointerof(thing))
  {thing.ws_row, thing.ws_col}

height, width = getWinSize

The Winsize struct and ioctrl function might already be in the standard library… I don’t think it was when I wrote this, and I haven’t checked since.


thanks @MistressRemilia , this works great!

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