Shards for writing terminal apps


I am currently contemplating writing a terminal UI app in crystal. I was wondering if there are any shards helping me out on that.

In case you are not sure, what I am searching for: For Java I found lanterna (which thanks to graalvm might end up in a binary) and for node there is ink, which brings react to the commandline and blessed and lastly python has urwid.

I think all of them are not super modern and could easily make use of modern CLI fonts like nerd fonts, but that is another topic :-)

Any hints appreciated as usual!



There’s a few shards that may be able to help you, but I haven’t actually tried any of these.

haven’t stumbled over termbox so far, that looks interesting indeed! Despite it’s age the crystal integration seems to work!


@spinscale it’s a bit of an alpha library, but is a crystal native cli UI library. I use it for some of my personal projects and tools.

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I was looking for something like this earlier and didnt find anything