Ported a CLI program from Ruby to Crystal

Hey all, this is my first topic here, so lmk if it’s not appropriate in any way.

I ported a CLI tool I created from Ruby to Crystal, and I’m very happy with the result. It’s faster and it’s easier to install than the gem. The tool allows you to add simple automation with low cognitive overhead to any project without complex tools like Rake or Gradle.

Please check it out at GitHub - nickthecook/crops: ops in crystal . I would really like feedback on the Crystal version of ops; lmk how it goes if you give it a try!

The port was pretty straightforward except for a missing Crystal equivalent of Net::Ssh and loading YAML in a statically typed language. Turning all the YAML::Any objects into real types in an elegant way is still something I need to do. In general, I’m really liking Crystal for CLI tools.


It’s sounds like a useful tools.

I port the procodile from Ruby into Crystal too. there are a port_ruby_to_crystal script, which make you port things from Ruby into Crystal more easier.

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