Hi, I’m Arcage(or ʕ·ᴥ·ʔAKJ), a network/server engineer living in Central Japan.

As a part of my work, I sometimes make server tool or network tool for my own use. To make them, I had used Ruby for a long time. I loved Ruby(and I still love it), but I often wished Ruby could check the types of method arguments.

At the day of June 2015, I found Crystal. It was the language that I really wanted, and, what’s more, it was pretty fast!! Thus, it have become my primary programing language.

Now, I take an interest in the network programing on Crystal, that includes implementing network protocols, using lower layer network functions, and so on.

My representative work on Crystal is crystal-email shard. This gives the email sending function to your crystal program.

And my favorite my work is crystal-patlite shard. It can flash the PATLITE signal tower over the network from Crystal code.

Although my codes may be DIY quality, I’m very happy if they are any helps for someone.