HTML sanitizer shard

I’ve created a shard for sanitizing HTML (or XML) documents or fragments. If you have a web application that renders untrusted HTML you should make sure to have a sanitizer to prevent XSS attacks and other potentially harmfull doings. That includes rendering markdown.

Since this is a very typical application, there’s a dedicated example how to integrate with Crystal’s most popular Markdown shard markd.

I’m hoping to receive some reviews on this shard. This is quite a serious matter for production apps. So I’d appreciate anyone looking into it. Please try to break it =)

Besides having a solid filtering mechanism, a key component is to provide good defaults for common use cases. That’s where the different standard configurations come into play. Do they make sense for your use cases?


Anyone else read the title as HAND sanitizer shard?


This is awesome. What are the web frameworks currently using to sanitize HTML?