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I want install crystal 0.32.0. Please help me for commands

I want install crystal 0.32.0 on ubuntu server. Please help me for commands.

Follow this link:

this url installing lateset crystal but i need crystal 0.320 please help me

Ah, then you need to download the versoin you want from here:

I dont understund how instal old version please send me step step how can this

something like this will probably work:


sudo dpkg -i crystal_0.32.1-1_amd64.deb

Might need to also install any of these if you use the features:

sudo apt install libssl-dev      # for using OpenSSL
sudo apt install libxml2-dev     # for using XML
sudo apt install libyaml-dev     # for using YAML
sudo apt install libgmp-dev      # for using Big numbers
sudo apt install libreadline-dev # for using Readline
sudo apt install libz-dev        # for using crystal play

Also take a look at crenv

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I use crenv and like it alot.
I also use it with and it works well.