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Ubuntu install instructions don't work for older ubuntu

On 15.10:

curl -fsSL | sudo bash
crystal is already the newest version.
$ crystal -v
Crystal 0.35.1 [5999ae29b] (2020-06-19)

LLVM: 8.0.0

Might be nice to spit out a warning or something instead? Thanks.

Ubuntu 15.10 has been EOL for 5 years now. You should not expect any support for that.

This behaviour looks odd. The output doesn’t look like it would come from the latest installer. It should definitely fail because we don’t have a repository for Ubuntu 15.10 on OBS. However, I can’t even reproduce this issue because the distro packages seem to be no longer available.

OK looks like it is actually 15.04.

I had removed the “set -eu” from the install script since my repo’s are messed up.

I think I was using some old deb repo or something, before.

Other clues:

No package found gpg (even after cleaning up my deb repo’s)

W: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 80]

So maybe if I’d cleaned up my deb repo’s that would have been enough of a clue.

Manually changing /etc/apt/sources.list.d/crystal.list to

deb Index of /repositories/devel:/languages:/crystal/xUbuntu_14.04 /

seems to at least give me 1.1, so I’m good for now, thanks!

Note you can also use the DISTRO_REPO environment variable with the installer:

$ DISTRO_REPO=xUbuntu_14.04 ./

That should definitely install 1.2.1, though. Not 1.1. Unless you pinned the package to crystal1.1.

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That worked thanks.

I assumed it wasn’t there because 32 bit was deprecated or something? :)

You never mentioned this is for 32-bit architecture. From 1.2 on we’re not publishing any distribution packages for i386 anymore (Preparing for Crystal 1.2 - The Crystal Programming Language)

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