Is Amber Framework an Abandonware?

Things are piling outdated, pull requests are not attended, there’s no one caring…

I’m afraid of putting something like that in production.

While I can’t speak officially for them, given I’m not a member/maintainer, as an observer it feels like a revamp of State of Amber Framework · Issue #941 · amberframework/amber · GitHub (and the linked open letter issue).

That was 3-4 years ago so quite a lot of time for things to change. In the end its an open source project so entirely dependent on people dedicating time to maintain. Even if there are people willing to help out/take over, if the current members aren’t around to get them started then it almost makes it moot :confused:.

Now I saw the robacarp complaint saying the he felt alone pushing things there… in 2018.

Seems that there’s no responsible maintainer. It probably will die without a maintainer.

Rick please let me know if you’re interested in being a maintainer. A lot of us who started the project do no have the time to dedicate to the project.


@eliasjpr What needs to be done urgently to have it in a proper state? I may be able to squish a couple of hours here and there

The first thing that needs attention is to release AMber v1.0 and freeze the API. After that then review the currently open PRs and evaluate which ones should be merged

Nope. I was analyzing the possibility of being an user (of Amber). But I gave up.