Amber v1.3.0 has been released!


Big feature announcements are always nice, but this one is nice because it’s smoothing out the experience users have when first using Amber.

  • The docker file has been updated to use the latest Crystal image available
  • Your node version will get detected when running amber new and will adjust the sass dependencies in webpacker so styles work right away
  • Fixed to test names for generated tests

The site gets about 1K visitors every month with lots of people joining the Discord asking if it’s still being maintained or relevant. To help show people that Amber is under active maintenance and development I’ve added the latest release number and release date to the home page.

Let’s all keep working toward a bigger and better future for Crystal together! :slight_smile:


As one of the person who initially work/created Amber I know how much time and dedication it requires to maintain an open source project.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication