Amber watch error

I want to start my app using command “amber watch”, but it’s failed in the end. The error message are “npm ERR! code 1”, “npm ERR! path /home/sahabat/Documents/learn/crystal/coba1/node_modules/node-sass”, “npm ERR! command failed”, and “npm ERR! command sh -c node scripts/build.js”.
I use Crystal 1.10.1, Ubuntu 22.04, and Node.js 18.18.0.
Someone please help me.

Have you run npm install?

npm install?

In any case, @novianto_eko_budiman probably you want to join Amber’s Discord instane and ask Amber specific questions there. People can still help you here, but it’s likely less optimal.

lol Thanks autocorrect :upside_down_face:

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I have, but it’s still error

Thanks, i’ll try it first :grinning:

If you’ve recently installed Amber, then I think you should know that you are not on the latest version.

As of Amber v1.4 the dependency on Node has been dropped.

Please double check your installation steps with the correct OS. Also, I can help you get started faster if you join the Amber discord and post some steps and screen shots for any additional errors you’re running into.