Is this a road to some crystal-to-all-platforms rails?

Following the path taken by might allow to put some rails down, for cross platform developments that include native mobile apps.

Maybe later even the web (amber / lucky / WebAssembly)?

Lambdanative is an example of a lisp interpreter + compiler based project that has already matured to some degree over the years. It currently provides scaffolding and a non-native-ui, same-on-all-devices approach to widget drawing based on the glgui OpenGL library.

Crystal does use LLVM like they do, and eventually “will” support more platforms like they do…I…guess? It’s not clear how they could cross pollinate hmm…in terms of browse my guess is the target would be wasm once it gets more stable…unless LLVM can output to “straight javascript” somehow? I think it typically just targets wasm?

Only from that artice, I don’t know if I understood it correctly, but it seems to use interpreters or compiling to c, depending on the platform.

Maybe this thread is of interest for you: