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Lets setup funding to hire experienced LLVM/compiler engineer to work on Windows

I’d love to use Crystal but it not having Windows support is a big blocker for me.
I (and I guess many others) would love to contribute to Crystal if the support process would be more transparent and focused.

Compiling to x86_64-win32-msvc actually works pretty well. I don’t think we’re missing much on the compiler/codegen side.
For full windows support we’re mostly missing some runtime/stdlib APIs. The main feature is async IO, but also a couple of other smaller things, some depending on that.

What we could really use is someone familiar with win32 system APIs. AFAIK most people who have been working on this in the past (including me) didn’t bring much prior knowledge about windows API and you just had to learn as you go.


Good to know that Crystal has working support for Windows. Just to confirm, does it support creating & consuming Socket on Windows?