Does Crystal ready for versioning to v1.00?

So with debugging support and almost ready Windows support do you guys think that Crystal is ready for version it as v1.00?

Please comment (and vote with your comment) if you are pro that or cons that.

Here’s a recent thread on “1.0?” that might be interesting to you: When crystal-lang 1.x will be released?

That’s a bit of an overstatement, unfortunately. A big part of the stdlib works on Windows, that’s obviously a huge thing. But there are still a few important libraries missing. And the compiler itself needs to be ported to windows. Maybe that won’t even be a big issue. But then there’s also a lot of other loose ends. So it’s not quite almost. But we’ve already accomplished a lot.


I am not a big Windows user anymore (but I used to) so I don’t have Windows running ( I will try to run it on my Mac virtual machine though as I have legal Windows 10 license). I was planning to spend more time on native Crystal debugger (so no LLDB nor GDB needed) but I may spend some time on Windows support if it will speed up the process.


It’s about a 20 line patch at this point. Look at my windows branch in my fork.