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Roadmap to 1.2 and platform changes

We are preparing the next release of Crystal, and we want to share with you the roadmap and some important changes that are taking place in the platforms supported by the compiler.

Roadmap 1.2

  • Freeze starts on September 29. Only bug fixes will be merged after that.
  • Release is scheduled for October 13. We are working on improving the process, but it might takes some days until all of the material is properly released in the different platforms.

Platform support

The new release will see some changes in this regard:

  • We are dropping support of i386-linux-gnu to Tier 2. If this is a problem for you, please speak up. We cannot promise we will restore it to Tier 1, but it will be useful to know if this affects a number of people.
  • We are experimenting with a bundled binary for macOS that includes the x86 and M1 versions of the compiler. That is, M1 users will be having the first gen compiler for their platforms :tada:

So I guess we should not expect to see crystal i in 1.2? :slightly_frowning_face:

We decided against it for two reasons: first, it’s still green, with lots of rough edges, and we don’t want our issue tracker to be flooded with tickets about it just yet. Second, if we want to ship it with the compiler we need to work out its dependencies and platforms. For the moment those interested in trying it will have to pull the branch and compile it locally.


I do hope we can have it in time for 1.3, and I take the opportunity to ask anyone willing to help polishing it to jump right in!