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Looking for a simple 2D library to draw cellular automata

Hi I am looking for a simple 2D library to draw cellular automata (like Conway’s Game Of Life, for instance).

Of course, the easiest way to do that is is to use pseudo-characters in a terminal, but I would like to try with a graphical interface.

PS: I’m using Crystal on a Mac mini M1 (i.e. via brew, under Rosetta).

Try CrSFML GitHub - oprypin/crsfml: Crystal bindings to SFML multimedia/game library

Guy who updates it regularly is a real champ.


Thank you !

I know almost nothing about cellular automata but what about generating the output for the Graphviz set of tools? a quick googling of graphviz + that returns interesting things like this or this

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@megatux , GraphViz is great for many things; I think these are typically vector shaped diagrams. I’ve used it for things like code-generated ERD diagrams.

For Cellular Automata, a pixel-grid approach is probably better.

You can use SDL, it’s a plain simple C library and works fine with Crystal… maybe there’s already a Crystal wrapper for it, if not you can create the wrapper in your project for the functions you need… or just use the C API directly.