Monitoring your app



For people with Crystal running in production, I was wondering if there is any recommended way for monitoring your app.

I doubt there is anything like NewRelic that supports Crystal (yet), so I was curious about how to do this.




I have been looking into monitoring apps but have not figured it out.

There are some statsd shards that seem promising.
I started a shard to combine existing statsd shards with datadog but that would require more work.

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I intend to use when I get to that point of app development - also it helps that their pricing seems reasonable but I’m yet to use them so I can’t directly compare the experience to NewRelic.

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The nice thing is that sentry is open source and you can even host it yourself, should the paid plans not fit for your purpose.

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I didn’t realise that, good call! :smile:



There’s a (not so) brief introduction to Sentry on Crystal I’ve perpetrated, in which I’m trying to guide through the basic feature set provided by raven shard and possible gotchas one might encounter. All feedback/critique is much welcomed!



this is great I might add this to my app.

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