Mosquito keeps logging on the console

Hello folks, I have One quick question to someone who has used mosquito before, when the worker is running, I see a continuous logging on the screen, and that feels like an infinite loop, is that alright or something is wrong? Actually the worker works and the actions I want it to do it does them fine, I am just worried with that I see it keeps logging the word redis on the screen. My console looks like this now on the screenshot

I get this in my app too. I don’t think there’s any issues here, just more of a minor annoyance. I believe it’s because Mosquito runs in a loop to constantly check Redis for new data. This helps in case your worker is disconnected like if it’s running on a server that has to be rebooted. Then when it’s booted back up, it’ll start pulling jobs again. On each iteration, it’s doing some logging. You can tune the log with Mosquito::Runner::Log and turn it down or whatever you need.

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