New embedded comment integration with Crystal blog

For many years we have been using Disqus as a comment provider on the Crystal blog.

This has served us well, but comments on Disqus haven’t been well integrated with the rest of the community. Especially since this community forum was established, we have a much better place for discussions. We’re usually sharing blog posts here in the forum and the following comment thread is disconnected from the Disqus comments.

The forum software allows a similar feature for embedding comments into a website, which is connected to a forum thread instead of an isolated comment service. This integration has now been enabled and replaces the previous Disqus integration.
This means from now on there is only a single place to comment on blog posts and comments are visible both in the forum (Website - Crystal Forum) and on the blog post.

We have decided to remove the disqus integration entirely (instead of keeping it active on older posts). This allows us to drop the dependency entirely.
Old comment threads are still available at Disqus Conversations - Crystal Programming Language and we’ve added links to the respective archive for every commented post.
Commenting via the forum integration works on old posts and new posts.

We hope this new feature helps to streamlines community interaction and improves discussion engagement.

If you notice any issues, please let us know.