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I was thinking if something like a would help the community by putting together crystal related blog posts across the web like and has been doing for several years.

People register their blog to the planet, if they get the registration accepted posts with crystal tag are indexed in the planet, just that.

What do you guys think? What would be the criteria to have a blog registration accepted? How this would relate to the blog section in crystal-lang site?


love it.

Yeah, I guess that would be great to have.
I’m already subscribed to a couple of Crystal-related news feeds in my personal feed aggregator. Having something like this exposed to the public can only be a win.

There’s already with a similar purpose, but it only accepts individual submissions.
And I think that would be a useful feature to allow individual submissions. But that could easily be solved by having a dedicated input feed where people can post those to.

What do you mean about the blog section on I see no contest there. It would just be one input feed for the aggregator.

A more careful consideration should be taken about redundant functionality with News - Crystal Forum

I think there’s fairly clear separation. The planet is just an aggregator for people writing anywhere, on their personal sites/blogs and such, including stuff that’s not worth announcing.

Sure, there’s no conflict, and yes, it could be one input field for the aggregator but still exist as a section in the site, since it’s the official source of information about the language (besides this forum).

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Just passing by to say that we’re currently working on a large revamp of the site, so this great idea will have to wait until then :sweat_smile:

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