No Crystal profile in KDE Kate editor

I use the KDE Kate editor to do most of my Crystal code development.
However, it doesn’t have a Crystal language profile, and I have to use Ruby’s:

Tools > Mode > Scripts > Ruby

But it doesn’t handle Crystal’s // operator correctly, and messes up the color theme after it occurs. I have to add a stray / in a comment to correct it.

So today I added an issue for Kate to fix it, and it was closed in less than 6 mins.

Personally, I thought that was kinda rude. I mean I imagine it would only take a minor modification|addition to Ruby’s to correct that one issue.

Well, I don’t have the time|energy|desire to mess with QT|C++ to create it, so if someone else does, it would be a welcome addition to|for Kate.

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I have used quite a few editors before, but my last change was from Atom to VS Code and I am very pleased with it, @jzakiya have you tried it?

Of course! I’ve used|use lots of editors, but that ain’t the point.

If a project has an Issues section as part of their development feedback (like Crystal has, for instance), when people bring issues they are giving feedback about things about the project. It is not expected they (can) propose a solution to it. That’s why people can submit PRs (pull requests) for consideration - to any issue.

That issue I raised was closed literally, literally, minutes after I opened it by one person. He may have been the only person to see it, and obviously no one else had time to ever consider its resolution.

That’s not the way to run a project. It’s just bad manners, period! :angry:

Thank goodness people here aren’t like that, and listen to|consider issues people raise.

Of course it may seem dissapointing from a users perspective.

But the answer is appreciative and not rude in any way. I can fully understand that they have a policy to not keep open issues for every language support request. It just doesn’t help anything to keep open issues around. It’s an open source project after all. If someone comes around and contributes a Crystal grammar, they’ll be happy to accept it. But it won’t make a difference if there’s an open issue lurking around.


@straight-shoota Is there a grammar specification for Crystal in the documentation?

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They use XML files for the syntax engine, you don’t need to know anything about C++ or QT (or even KDE) to add a language. Start copying the Ruby files and then adapt these to Crystal. They are very open to new contributions.

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It would seem to me if they wanted people to add more languages they would make it easy to do so.

Is there some link to a How to Add a Language section? or a video?
Where do they store the profiles for all the languages so people can see them?
If you know these things can you provide their information?

As an example, Rosetta Code gives clear instructions and templates on how to add different language solutions to their problems.

FWIW they literally gave you a link in their response to closing your issue with how to do it:

If you have time, we have some rather good documentation how to write a new XML file for a new language, see Working with Syntax Highlighting

Yes I looked at the provided links.

They assume people have allot of prior knowledge about their system, terminology, etc. It’s definitely not a: Beginners Guide to Adding Language Profiles