No LZ4, Tokyo Tyrant Bindings for crystal?


I am new to crystal and I really really love it. Sadly there seems to be some major lack of bindings…
Could not find anything for LZ4 compression. And nothing either for tokyo tyrant (tokyo cabinet server).
Can some Crystal wizard do some magic? I just discovered the language yesterday.

I am not sure if http framework people are aware, but as someone who come from perl and where it is pretty famous, there is something faster than libevent or libev: picoev



generate binding from c headers

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Yeah that’d be nice. In the meantime you can roll your own manually :) maybe create a shard for the rest of us to benefit from :)

LZ4 bindings for crystal can be found at . I’ve few other compressions formats pure crystal and/or bindings available on same github.



That was fast :)

Thank you for LZ4 and for Snappy in particular!