POP3 mail client

Hi All,

Are there any crystal module/lib that can be used as mail client to access pop3 server ?

Thanks in advance

I could not find pop3 clients in Crystal, but imap only, as in GitHub - ZaWertun/crystal-imap: Imap client library for Crystal-Lang, a fork from GitHub - crisward/imap: Imap client library for Crystal-Lang

A fast approach could be to create a crystal binding to an existing and feature-complete C library, like github.com/MailCore/MailCore2

God, haven’t heard about POP3 in a while…

Well, depending on your needs and your skill level, hacking together an adequate client yourself could be an alternative, it’s a pretty simple protocol: https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1939.txt

I did find this but it’s a few years old, don’t know how well it works

Thank you very much for all the helping answers.
I was asking for pop3 client because I want the messages on mail server get deleted after my app read/fetch the emails.

then i think this ‘Deletion in mailserver after read’ is surely provided in imap protocol.
so i will try some imap lib/shards

thanks again

Deletion in mailserver after read

If I remember my sysadmining day right, I belive it’s an explicit command in both IMAP and POP3.

POP3 is designed around the notion that the mail client fetches the mails and then deletes them from the server. IMAP is more aimed at keeping the mail on the server and having the mail client access it.

I’d go with POP3, but whatever works best for you.