Question about strange shard website

Hi, I don’t know if I am on the good section. But I would like to ask a question about this website I found recently:

Is it an official crystal website ?

Because to be honest I am a bit annoyed specially about the page they made about my project:

I am not against they show my project or they make a page about it, but they completely lie about they mention I am an Ukrainian developer. I feel like they lie just to collect money.

It’s not official no, but they’re also not lying about anything either. That’s just a generic banner that is present all the time, not just for your project.

I think the banner has a high potential to mislead readers.

It says “This project was created by a developer from Ukraine.” on a page that displays information about the ISM shard.
Sure, if you go to other pages, you’ll notice this banner everywhere and come to think that “this project” might refer to, not the specific shard you’re looking at. But that only derives from the outside context.
Looking at this specific shard page alone, there’s a strong suggestion that “this project” refers to the shard you’re looking at, in this case ISM.

/ping @mamantoha

This makes sense. I will leave this banner only on the home page.


Alternatively you could change it to “The project …” so it’s clear it’s not that shard.


Yeah exactly, I think it’s just a miss conception.

It’s just how it showed, it’s super confusing

Thanks a lot.

It will be more clear I think.

Your website look very efficient to track all existing crystal project, I’m very impress about it. Well done

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All your wishes are taken into account.

І don’t collect money on :wink:
This is an open-source project (sources are on GitHub - GitHub - mamantoha/shards-info: Source code of that I support entirely at my own expense.

Thanks a lot !

Oh okay, sorry I didn’t want to be not nice, it’s just I was worring about how the page about my project can be used.

Hmm nice. You are probably better than me for this kind of project, I’m not very good to make website or web technologies, I’m better for kinf of things like back-end.