Read the book. Now what?

I recently read the Crystal PragBook and was already familiar with the Ruby syntax.

I think I get most of the intermediate stuff now, but can’t motivate myself to just “play” and solve puzzles, and know that trying to make something real-life practical works best for me. But I don’t feel ready to organise and structure a real project in modules, classes, files, etc.

Are there any well structured smallish projects using 2 or more shards that one could benefit from studying or using as a base? Or what thought process should I follow to just start putting code down in files for a project with Crystal ? Any excellent tutorials for a full small project?

I would ideally like to experiment with MQTT, remote oauth2 APIs, CLIs and maybe a web UI.

EDIT: Clarification: The book seems excellent and is written in a light enjoyable language. It’s just my unstructured and mixed knowledge of programming that’s tripping me off.

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