Resources aimed at brainwashed C++ programmers?

Decades of using C, C++ and other compiled languages with similar concepts has brainwashed me into thinking about what’s on the stack, how things are stored in structs, the way pointers might be used internally, generally all the under-the-hood mechanisms. With Crystal, I get the impression I shouldn’t think too much about that kind of stuff. But I’m brainwashed!! Where is the de-programming clinic?

What books, articles, youtube videos, github projects, or whatever else, do you recommend for us recovering C++aholics?


I think that you should not forget that stuff.

I feel like it will give you a boost kind of like when goku was wearing thousand pound arm bands and gear and then takes it off to fight Piccolo in the final Tournament.

Keep learning, your brain deletes stuff that isn’t useful automatically.

Now you got Ruby syntax with speed of C. God bless us all.


That’s why I love and chose Crystal. Removes that heavy burden and allows me more time to work on my game; while achieving a decent amount of performance. Far more than my previous nodejs server, that’s for sure.

I would love to fully understand all the low level stuff, maybe one day…

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Low-level stuff isn’t something not most can learn, you have to solve the problem with what low level stuff has and these are I believe it’s “software engineering” problem solving.

You would probably looking at other language, frankly, the easiest is C or Go language if you look at how they discuss in the issue trackers and how they are concern with race conditions and complex stuff.

Crystal solved the right problem with LLVM but that can be more challenging than C I guess.

How reliable could Crystal handles race conditions which I’m no aware of?