Shards install ends with: "Faild git tag --list --column=never ()."


by using the shards I get this:

shards install
Resolving dependencies
Failed git tag --list --column=never (). Maybe a commit, branch or file doesn't exist?

I have no idea, what file, commit or branch does not exit.

Is it possible to disable git at all? I do not need it at this point. I use VSCode and already disabled git in the settings.json.

Thanks a lot.


git isn’t optional. It’s used to install dependencies. In your case at least crystal-mysql requires git.

The error message unfortunately isn’t very helpful. The part about a “commit, branch or file” not existing is generic and doesn’t really match to the command being run (git tag --list).

Can you provide instructions on how to reproduce this behaviour? Probably the contents of shard.yml and the version of shards you’re using would help for that.

I use crystal on Windows.

shards version

crystal version
Crystal 1.6.2 [879691b] (2022-11-03)
LLVM: 13.0.0
Default target: x86_64-pc-windows-msvc


name: rftsim_v3
version: 0.1.0

  - romoxi@

    main: main/src/

crystal: 1.6.2

license: MIT

  # mysql
    github: crystal-lang/crystal-mysql

  # db connections
  #  db: crystal-lang/crystal-db

Does this help?

I need the version of the shards command, not the version of your shard. You can get that with shards --version.
It’s probably 0.17.0.

Maybe something is broken with the git repository. Try removing the .shards folder in your working directory. That should force shards to re-download everything.

oh, here it is
Shards 0.17.0 ()

Removing the .shards folder does not help.

I use VSCode and there I get a message:
The git repositories in the current folder are potentially unsafe as the folder are owned by someone other than the current user.

The solution:

  1. Moved the project to a local drive
    Maybe Git do not work with network-drives? I don’t know.

  2. Granted shardes.exe Admin-Privileges for all Users

Thanks for the help.

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