Shield v0.3.0 adds support for Lucky v0.24.0

Shield is a comprehensive security solution for Lucky framework. It features robust authentication and authorization, including user registrations, logins and logouts, password resets and more.

Version 0.3.0 adds support for Lucky v0.24.0, and drops support for earlier versions.

Shield now salts authentication tokens prior to hashing. We’ve added a global bcrypt_cost setting, and integrated welcome emails.

This version improves on features introduced in earlier versions, and fixes a few bugs.

Find source and documentation on GitHub:


I wasn’t aware that Shield could be used independent from Lucky. Is there documentation that shows how to use it in stand-alone form?

Shield is not independent from Lucky; it requires Lucky to work. Sorry, if that was the impression created in this posting.

Prior to this update, it required Lucky v0.23.0. Now, it requires Lucky v0.24.0.

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Ah. Got it. Thank you for clarifying that.