Shield v0.6.0 adds support for Lucky v0.25.0

Shield is a comprehensive security solution for Lucky framework. It features robust authentication and authorization, including user registrations, logins and logouts, password resets and more.

Get started using Meth

Meth is a Lucky application scaffold that gets you up and running with Shield.

Version 0.6.0 adds support for Lucky v0.25.0, and drops support for earlier versions.

This version improves on features introduced in earlier versions, and fixes a few bugs.

Find source and documentation on GitHub:

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I really don’t think this library deserves a post on the forum for every small release.


Noted. If there are guidelines regarding what, how and when to post to this forum, I’d be happy to take a look. Thanks.

Indeed, maybe this is wrong place for posting every release, but there does need to be a place for OP to post this kind of thing.

There are no guidelines. But please use common sense. Just to put in into perspective: sees about 100 new shard releases per month. This community category had 10 new topics in the past month.
This forum is very well intended to be a place for announcements, but please be reasonable about what is relevant and what would mostly be received as noise. So if you have an announcement of an important new shard releases, that’s a great topic for a forum post. But there’s really very little value when you post a note every month about a new release wich brings surprising features like support for a new Lucky version (and dropping support for earlier ones!). Sorry if this is a bit exaggerating, but I just can’t find any relevant information in that release message for anyone who isn’t already using that shard (and then hopefully already following its releases on other channels).

If desired, we could create a dedicated forum category for release announcements and then everyone who is annoyed can just mute it.
But I think Crystal Ann is a really good place for release announcements. Whoever is interested can subscribe to that.

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