Should a game loop be in their own fiber?

This one is really puzzling me because I don’t know which is the correct way.

For example, two ways that I can think of:

A. One main game loop:

  • spawn game_loop
  • game_loop is a method that has a tick rate of 15 times a second. It loops through all the games, the players in those games, sends out positional updates, hp/mp regen, etc.

B. Each game has their own game loop

  • Each time a Game class is created (new game), the class has its own game_loop fiber, that handles all the players in the game, hp/mp regen, etc.

I currently use option A. Why? I actually don’t have a definitive reason. I think one 15hz loop is enough compared to if there were 100 games open. Which would be 1500 iterations per second. HOWEVER, those iterations are spread out in individual fibers.

Any thoughts or insight? Thanks in advance!

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Surely the same amount of work has to be done either way. So 15 iterations vs 1500 iterations, but doesn’t each of those 15 iterations take 100x as long with 100 games?

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I would prefeer method B, because it is easier to split apart once you have too many games to be handled by one thread and need to start forking to use more processor cores.

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