Spider-Gazelle is now self documenting

Spent the last week working on an upgrade to Spider-Gazelle that allows it to output OpenAPI definitions of your web service.

The cool thing is that it requires very little additional markup, beyond what you already need to write to define a route, to output very descriptive documentation.

This leverages the new Spider-Gazelle syntax, which handles param serialization for strong typing.
Which in itself is pretty cool, so if you haven’t had a look in while might be worth checking out the website


I updated one of our services with the new syntax

and this is the resulting openapi output, no human curation

Import it here for the visualisation: https://editor.swagger.io/
Then swagger can generate client libraries for almost any language automatically.

Glad to see someone else is making use of annotations on method parameters other than me :stuck_out_tongue:

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you were the inspiration :grin: